Hmmm… About me.

Well currently I am  a wandering editor, working for various LN (Lightnovel) translators. I currently help out a multitude of translation websites as they need. I take their raw, unedited TL’ed text and re-work it so that it makes at least a little sense in English. While I myself do not post anything on this blog, I encourage you to go to the Reddit Light Novel community where I am an active member, or to any one of the many Lightnovel word presses you may have found anywhere. Some sights I recomend to a starter to Light novels are listed below.

Reddit community

Gravity Translations

Wuxia World


Oniichanyamate translations

Douluo Dalu (google drive folder)

Dark Translations~~~~~

Hope these get you interested in Light Novels and the work that I do.

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